Missions and Perks

The missions have been added to the events block on this page. Click on the header for each mission to get more information as well as the location for the mission.

Also, be sure to check the perks page to see the rules for each perk. This will be helpful during game play so you know what perks you are up against.

HvZ Starts

Despite the surprising cold and not-so-surprising and obnoxious amount of water, humans are trudging to class today. But, zombies have begun clawing their way out of the damp ground and the cold only makes it easier to find the warm-blooded humans.

New Humans vs Zombies Game Starts Soon

The next Humans vs Zombies game will start on April 16th. We will be having rules meetings all this week. Please read over the rules and attend a rules meeting. We will give you your bandanna and activate you once you attend a meeting. We will keep a list of the remaining rules meetings up on the page above this post.

Faction Wars: Zombies

Hi everyone,

We are excited to introduce Faction Wars: Zombies. It is a new type of Humans vs. Zombies where humans form squads which can battle each other. The event will take place on Thursday, March 22 at 4 PM – 6 PM. The event will be broken down into several rounds so that squads have several chances to score points. The Faction Wars page is now up and functioning. Visit it to get more details and to register so that we know how many people to expect.

Wrapping Up

So the humans won the game, but the zombies killed it at the final battle. Thank you to all of you who came and made the most of our last couple hours. Also, thank you all for playing Humans vs Zombies this semester. We hope you enjoyed it and that you would play again. If you guys see any darts around campus please pick them up. We don’t like to leave campus a mess after our games.

One last shameless plug for our organization. The mods that ran the game and some of the players are all members of Zip-Strike. We try to put on several Nerf events per semester and our members help out with that. If you guys want to be more involved or just want to see what we are about, come up to Kolbe 215 (Kolbe is across from Bierce) on Wednesday at 6 PM. Even if you aren’t interested we would like to get your feedback from the game so that we can make improvements.

Have a great rest of the semester.

Just The Beginning

It was a chilly morning as the first of the zombies rose and stalked across campus. A few brave squad captains made the trek to pick up the first of their supplies. As the humans make their way across campus for their classes there are bound to be a few fateful encounters. By the end of the day we will see who has joined the ranks of the zombies.

Just so that you are aware, there was a bug with the Standings page where you had to log in to view the standings. The bug is fixed and you should be able to see the standings always. Just a reminder for zombies, when you tag a human get, make sure you get their tag card and enter their info on the New Tag page.

Rules Meetings

Hello everyone,

We now have the times and location for all of the rules meetings. Just as a reminder, you must attend one rules meeting in order to be activated for the game. At the rules meeting you will receive your bandanna and tag card.

Bierce 154 @ 6 PM

Bierce 154 @ 5 PM

Bierce 154 @ 2 PM and 5 PM

Fall 2017 Game Starting Soon

Hello everyone,

The fall HvZ game is starting October 2 and registration is open. To register just to the tab at the top right that says register and create an account. If you already have an account just log in and come to a rules meeting.

We will have rules meetings next week and the times will be posted as soon as we get them. In order to play you must attend one rules meeting and we will activate you and give you your bandanna. If you have any questions, please send us an email through the contact page and we will get back to you.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon.

– The Zip-Strike EC

Let the Sign-ups begin!

Hey guys!

Sign-ups have officially begun for the Spring 2017 HvZ game!

The game will be running from April 9th to April 15th.

You MUST be a University of Akron student to play the game.

You can sign up at the “Register” link above. Please ensure you use a valid email and that you check your email after you sign up to set up your password.


NOTE: If you are a returning player you MUST sign-up again as your login from the past games no longer exists.


Spectre Log Entry 162:

Spectre Lieutenant Commander report-

It has been two days since the Commander went to Nelfar’s laboratory and left me in command. There has been no communication from him in any form and I am starting to fear the worst. I believe that it is now the time to take action and find the commander.

The Spectre that was scouting for tanks has returned and we have all rested in the past two days. It seems that the zombies are becoming dormant as the days get shorter. Also, the humans have banded together to begin preparing for winter and they are venturing out less and less. I believe that it is safe for us to leave the humans unattended for the time being while we hunt for the Commander.

The Commander seemed to think that there was a serious threat to the humans, but I can see nothing that poses a danger at this time. We will head out after one last visit to the human colony.


End Log