A Close Call

Specter Log Entry 156:

Specter Commander report-

Today the late Dr. Nelfar led the humans through infested territory to some of his hastily stashed supplies. Fortunately, we heard the doctor’s distress message and made it in time to join their offensive, during which we encountered a new kind of enemy. A new form of¬†zombie unlike any we have encountered previously, appeared and consumed Nelfar before we could react and proceeded to rise up the slain undead. As we retreated venomous zombies ambushed us and slowed our escape, but we managed to escape with few casualties.

Dr. Nelfar’s supplies turned out to be medical supplies that can prevent humans from turning if they are treated while a shred of humanity remains in them. The two humans that managed to grab the supplies on the way out healed the other humans that had been bit. Since the humans have these supplies now, I believe that they can afford for us to leave and scour the nearby area for a storage facility rumored to be nearby. I have some suspicions too that it may be safer for us to distance ourselves from them, but it is nothing worth¬†noting at this point in time.


End log