One More Run

Spectre Log Entry 160:

Spectre Commander report-

After several days of searching, we have found the warehouse. Fortunately, the contents of the warehouse (thousands of full metal jacket rounds) will be beneficial to the human survivors. However, upon entering the warehouse we awoke a group of dormant zombies, which we then engaged. These zombies had a thick skin that could not be penetrated by our standard rounds, but the full metal jacket rounds from the warehouse were strong enough to bring these tanks down. During the attack, several of the armored zombies escaped the warehouse and are roaming the nearby area.

I have left two of my Spectres behind to guard the warehouse so that the humans can safely retrieve the contents of the warehouse. I also have one Spectre out scouting for the remaining tank zombies to ensure the safety of the humans. I will be heading back to Nelfar’s lab to see if I can decipher his research. It seems that there is some merit to my suspicions and I believe that his research is key I need.


End Log