Spectre Log Entry 162:

Spectre Lieutenant Commander report-

It has been two days since the Commander went to Nelfar’s laboratory and left me in command. There has been no communication from him in any form and I am starting to fear the worst. I believe that it is now the time to take action and find the commander.

The Spectre that was scouting for tanks has returned and we have all rested in the past two days. It seems that the zombies are becoming dormant as the days get shorter. Also, the humans have banded together to begin preparing for winter and they are venturing out less and less. I believe that it is safe for us to leave the humans unattended for the time being while we hunt for the Commander.

The Commander seemed to think that there was a serious threat to the humans, but I can see nothing that poses a danger at this time. We will head out after one last visit to the human colony.


End Log