Wrapping Up

So the humans won the game, but the zombies killed it at the final battle. Thank you to all of you who came and made the most of our last couple hours. Also, thank you all for playing Humans vs Zombies this semester. We hope you enjoyed it and that you would play again. If you guys see any darts around campus please pick them up. We don’t like to leave campus a mess after our games.

One last shameless plug for our organization. The mods that ran the game and some of the players are all members of Zip-Strike. We try to put on several Nerf events per semester and our members help out with that. If you guys want to be more involved or just want to see what we are about, come up to Kolbe 215 (Kolbe is across from Bierce) on Wednesday at 6 PM. Even if you aren’t interested we would like to get your feedback from the game so that we can make improvements.

Have a great rest of the semester.