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Spectre Log Entry 162: Spectre Lieutenant Commander report- It has been two days since the Commander went to Nelfar’s laboratory and left me in command. There has been no communication from him in any form and I am starting to fear the worst. I believe that it is now the time to take action and […]

One More Run

Spectre Log Entry 160: Spectre Commander report- After several days of searching, we have found the warehouse. Fortunately, the contents of the warehouse (thousands of full metal jacket rounds) will be beneficial to the human survivors. However, upon entering the warehouse we awoke a group of dormant zombies, which we then engaged. These zombies had […]

A Close Call

Specter Log Entry 156: Specter Commander report- Today the late Dr. Nelfar led the humans through infested territory to some of his hastily stashed supplies. Fortunately, we heard the doctor’s distress message and made it in time to join their offensive, during which we encountered a new kind of enemy. A new form of zombie unlike […]

Another Last Ditch Effort

This is Dr. Nelfar, to any survivors who can see this message. I am in need of a team who can usher me back to my lab inside the chemistry building. If you can help, meet me at the homestead between the hours of 12 pm and 2 pm on Saturday October 1st. Our mission should take less than 2 […]

The Escape

Experiment Log – Day 91: It has begun… The evening detail has been slaughtered… the test subjects have escaped and the detainees have vanished. Days ago I thought of this possibility as nothing more than an improbable statistic… Now I see that this is a nightmare I have created due to my foolishness. This will be my last […]

An Experiment Gone Wrong

  Experiment Log- Day 90: We were not prepared for this… The subjects became more violent and capable than any of us foresaw… Many of us have been attacked and run the risk of exposure, but a select few managed to avoid contact.  (Those exposed have been admitted to decontamination for the night.) The subjects have been detained and the injuries […]

Game Starting Soon!

Hey All! It’s hard to believe but in less than 24 hours the game will be kicking off! Here are just a couple of reminders regarding the game: -Remember to wear your bandana starting at 8am tomorrow and be ready to defend yourself agaist the zombies, and that gameplay ends at 9pm. -Remember that you MUST […]

Final Call

Hey Guys! This is a freindly reminder just to inform you that the final rules meeting is today in Bierce 279 at 4pm. The meeting will last a half hour. If you intend on playing and have not gone to a rules meeting yet, this is your LAST chance to get in on the fun. […]

Important Reminder

Hey guys! This is just a reminder that you have to attend a rules meeting in order to participate in the upcoming Humans vz Zombies game. The date / time / location of the remaining meetings are listed below. IMORTANT NOTE: If you are a returning player, you MUST go to a rules meeting and […]

Rules Meetings

The following dates / times / rooms will be the venues for the rules meetings. Please be aware that you must attend a rules meeting in order to play Humans vs. Zombies. Please be aware that even if you are a returning player, you still have to attend a rules meeting.   Thursday 9-22 / […]