Game Overview

– Every player starts off as a Human except for several known players who are Alpha Zombies.

– The goal of all Zombies is to simply tag all Humans turning them into Zombies.

– The goal of the Humans is to complete missions and survive.

– Humans may defend themselves with Nerf Blasters and sock balls.

– When hit with a dart or other projectile the injured Zombie is stunned and may not interact with the game in ANY way for 10 minutes.

– When a Human is tagged, they become infected after 1 hour. During that hour they are considered a stunned Zombie.

– This is considered an active game. If you are not ok with extended periods of walking, running or cumbersome exercise, this may not be the game for you.

General Rules

– You must wear your bandanna when in any game area during the span of play unless otherwise specified below.

– Any disputes must be brought up with a moderator and preferably include at least one witness.

– Please do not hit or aim at non-players. We realize that bystanders may be hit, but please avoid it at all costs and apologize if it happens!

– You may not use a shield to block tags as a Human or Zombie.

– You must wear your bandanna clearly visible from all sides. Not under your coat or shirt and not under a hood or hat or hair or anything else.

– Game play starts at 8 AM and ends at 9 PM everyday.

– Do not give your bandanna to another person under any circumstances regardless of if they are playing or not.

– If a police officer or university staff member asks you to stop doing what you are doing or to move, please respect their authority.

Safe Zones

– You may not infect a Human or stun a Zombie in any building. This includes academic buildings, dorms, houses and apartments.

– Zombies may not pursue or chase a human through any building and vice versa.

– Safe Zones also include any required outdoor events including athletics and academic events. If you’re required to be there, or are attending an event, you’re safe for the duration, however NOT to and from.

– You are also safe attending sporting events while inside the stadium.

– Any Out of Bounds area cannot be entered to escape a chase. Buildings are not OB, they are Safe Zones. Any game play in OB areas is cause for removal from the game.

– Both of a Human’s feet MUST be in a Safe Zone in order to not be tagged.

– This game is played on campus. We don’t want you running all over Akron and upsetting people or the police. Please see the map below for a reference of the game boundaries.

– Vehicles (cars, bikes, skateboards, longboards, scooters, rollerblades, and so on) are off limits as it poses a safety hazard. Specifically, bikes are a Safe Zone (for the rider only) while riding as well as locking/unlocking. However you must prove that you are locking/unlocking and not just saying it to be safe.

– The Nerf Battle Racer is the only vehicle acceptable during gameplay, but the player is able to be turned while on it.

– Students in Uniform are not required to play/wear their bandanna while in uniform.

– If you have a presentation, interview, something that requires you to act/dress professionally, or you are going to or from a practice you are also not required to wear your bandanna.

– You cannot immediately reenter a safe zone. You must enter another safe zone before reentering the original safe zone.

HvZ Boundaries


– During Missions, zombies will have designated spawn points instead of a spawn timer. The slender zombie is not affected by this rule.

– When a human is tagged during a mission, they turn over their tag card and return to the starting point. When they reach the start point, the infection sets in and they become a zombie.

– If a human gets a heal perk from a mission, they may heal anyone in the 1 hour turn period. They may also heal a human that was turned in the mission that the perk was earned, but this can only happen immediately following that mission.

– Game play during missions is not restricted solely to the mission, but we encourage participating in the mission.

Human Specific

– Humans may stun a Zombie for 10 minutes by hitting them with an approved projectile.

– Humans must wear their bandanna on their upper arm.

– When tagged by a Zombie, you are required to hand over your tag card. One hour after being tagged the “infection” sets in and you are a zombie. During that hour bring your bandanna down loosely around your neck.

– Do not hurt the Zombies! They aren’t the real undead, they’re your friends. Don’t put rocks in your socks or nonsense like that, and try to aim below the neck.

– Do not aim your blaster or fire at non-players (especially tour groups). Doing so is cause for removal from the game.

– Since this game is played on campus if you need to be off campus for more than 48 hours please contact a mod. For fairness to other players we may make you a Zombie. This does not include weekends or required academic events or university sports.

Zombie Specific

– Zombies must wear their bandanna clearly visible around their head. Your bandanna MUST be around your head to make a tag.

– A tag is a firm touch to any appropriate part of a Human. After tagging a Human you must report the tag on the New Tag page for it to count. NO TACKLING, HOLDING, GRABBING OR HITTING!

– When hit a Zombie is stunned for 10 minutes and they must bring their bandanna down around their neck to show that they are stunned and may also not interact with the game in any way. Ex. shielding other zombies from projectiles or tagging Humans.

– When the 10 minutes of stun time is over you must enter a Safe Zone to place your bandanna back on your head.

– A new tag must be reported using the form on the New Tag page. Make sure you click ‘I’m a Zombie’ when doing so. If there’s no record it doesn’t count. With that, please try to make a record as soon as you can, the page is available on mobile.

– During events there will be specified safe zones that act as respawn points for zombies. Stunned zombies must enter these safe zones in order to be revived regardless of their stun time.

Human Defense

– We have been approved by UAPD to use Nerf Brand and similar dart blasters. This is a privilege not a right. Please follow these rules so no one loses this privilege.

– Dart blasters MUST be out of sight in any academic building. You can carry them around in dorms but remember that dorms are still Safe Zones. You may reload right inside doorways but if you go further in an academic building they must be put away.

– The above means that large blasters, while not prohibited, are somewhat discouraged. You may use them, but they may be too difficult to conceal in an academic building. You may carry duffel bags to conceal your large blasters if you’d like.

– Other approved projectiles include sock balls. If you have a question about using something else contact a moderator!


DO NOT paint your dart blasters any realistic colors such as black, camo, dark colors, etc. Keep them as bright and toy-like as you can. You MUST keep the blaze orange tip.

– Blaster/dart modifications are acceptable but please be mindful of your and other player’s safety.

– No shields or shielding devices including backpacks.

The D.B.C.

– This is a GAME. It is for FUN.

– As soon as you forget this you’re a douche bag jerk.

– Respect other players and bystanders.

– If you get tagged as Human you become a Zombie.

– If you get shot/hit as a Zombie you’re stunned.

– That’s how the game works.

– Don’t be a douche bag jerk.